Day 14

This week I proof read the proof reading version of my first co-authored, soon to be published, in production, academic paper. And I was delighted. I printed it out and showed it to people in work, at home and that I randomly met in the street. It was great and I love that I am soon to be a published academic.

I know so much more than I did 14 months ago when the work started with endless analysis after analysis after analysis and months of crafting, collaborating and caring. Every sentence is there for a reason, every word has been selected and chewed over and reviewed over and the process is painstaking and endless. I love it. I love our paper. I will admit I just sat there looking at my name on that paper. The writing might be formal, but the craft is beautiful and I love it. I love the words. I love the patterns in the data. I love the numbers and the figures. It is a labour of love.

I finally had my meeting with The Professor and we discussed my motivational issues. He has decided to cure them with some strict and tight deadlines. This is what works for me so I appreciate it, and have already gotten stuck in. A week to complete results on the analysis for the next paper as we start the process all over again and two weeks to do the first draft of the introduction to chapter 1 of the actual PhD. So I will finally have actually started. I am excited again.

The chick-lit – we are static for now at 12587 words. We shall see if that inches forward over the weekend!

It’s all happening at PhD central!!!!

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