Day 7

I have been sick! I need lots of sympathy. I could not decide if it was Ebola, some new and deadly virus or worst of all….MANFLU!

I believe it was a bad head cold. It is almost gone. I have stopped crying with pity in my room in the belief that no-one cares about me. I think that was the bit that made me believe it was manflu!

I have written 500 words of my book and have exchanged some witty emails with The Professor about my current state of health. Our scheduled meeting did not happen as I am in exile from the world (it really takes little excuse as this is my preferred state). The Girls have managed not be become infected and The Man braved a visit with supplies of food and much appreciated sympathy and love.

It has made me appreciate both my safe home to retreat to, and my busy life to return to when I am ready. It has made me reflect on the connection between the physical and the mental. The need for balance. The need to be alone. The need to feel connected. The need to rest. The need to move about. The need for quiet. The need for stimulation. The many ways we can stay connected. I may not feel like being out in the world but I appreciate texts and messages and knowing that people notice I am not there. I love that I have left Facebook behind. I like texts and phone-calls and emails and visitors. I have loved reading other people’s blogs and doing some research on that which is close to my heart. And watching House. I love House.

Things I am Grateful For Today:

The man.

My journal.

My friends and family.


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One Response to Day 7

  1. Definitely Ebola. Couldn’t possibly be as life threatening as MANFLU


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