Day 1

Day 1 of my blog.

Hours dedicated to PhD – 10 minutes – but it is Halloween!

Words written in first book – zero! – but it is Halloween!


I have recently departed from Facebook as I felt I had become addicted to the endless scrolling and the compulsive checking. In the interests of self-expression I have opted for a blog. It is primarily aimed at providing myself with some measure of accountability as I work at a snails pace through the production of my PhD alongside my first book. I will use my blog to record progress on each – for the PhD in terms of hours dedicated to work associated with it. For the book, the measure will be words written.

My main job is as mum to my two beautiful daughters. As a mum living in recovery from depression, from perfectionism, from self-loathing, from negativity, my self-care regime is paramount to my ongoing wellness. I am delighted to now live my life from a place of peace, of hope, of love, of gratitude. The world is a wonderful place and I am glad to be in it.

Alongside all of the above, I work full time for a mental health charity as a facilitator and trainer, a coordinator of both and a manager of volunteers. My work provides me with satisfaction, inspiration and an amazing array of people to get to know along the way. People like me, people on their journey of recovery.

My blog is a piece of me. I hope you like it.

3 Things I am grateful for today – I will limit my blog to the top 3, as I could go on for quite a long time

1. The amazing women I work with, they make me laugh, cry and give me incredible support.

2. My home. It is my sanctuary.

3. My tribe. All those I love. I am a lucky woman.

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